September 29, 2018

Mission & Vision


To be the national company of choice.

The company holds that careful expansion into new markets will help to further grow its success. Through strong national and international collaborations PMI continues to consolidate its position and image, and PMI products are highly sought after by consumers.

In addition, PMI’s vision stretches further, to embrace the desire to be truly sustainable. The decision to build sustainable goals into every aspect of the company is a pledge to continue this business approach in the 21st century.


To provide best of the solutions you can always trust.

The more our business develops and the world we do business in changes, the more our mission remains as clear and precise as ever.

We will provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality, while continuing to dedicate ourselves to innovation. Delivering on this promise – Trust and Innovation – ensures we are meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients and professionals looking for new, reliable and durable solutions.

Innovative.  Trustworthy.  Knowledgeable.  Passionate.