September 7, 2018

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

We are passionate in our belief that financial success need not come at the expense of our commitment to social good and the communities and natural environments that we inhabit. To this end, we have identified and formalized the ethics and values that will guide PMI to a sustainable future.

All employees and managers are required to adhere to the code. Non compliance with any part of the code must be reported promptly to your immediate supervisor or manager.

A. Introduction

The Company expects all of its Employees and business partners to share its commitment to high ethical, legal and moral standards and to avoid any activities, which could involve the Company or its Employees and business partners in any unethical, improper or unlawful act.
As used in this Code, the term “Employee“ shall refer to all employees, regardless of their position, The term “Business Partner” shall refer to all persons or entities that are in collaboration with the company for example: suppliers, contractors. The term “Company” shall refer to “PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES”.
Compliance with this Code is mandatory and it is the duty of all Employees and Business Partners to familiarize themselves with the code, as well as the legal standards and policies applicable to their assigned duties and to conduct themselves accordingly. Supervisors have leadership responsibilities that include the following: creating a culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance, maintaining a work environment that encourages Employees to raise concerns, promptly addressing employee concerns, and reporting suspected violations of the Code. As an Employee of the Company and as a Business Partner , you acknowledge and agree that you have reviewed and understand this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. In case of any doubt as to the Code and conduct in specific situations, please contact your immediate supervisor, specially appointed for this purpose,.

B. Rules for the Employees 

Do the right thing. All employees need to comply with the requirements of the Code when acting on behalf of PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES

1) Compliance with the law

This means compliance with the applicable national law and the local law in those areas where the Company conducts its business- In Haryana, India. The activities of the Company must always be in compliance with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations.

2. Protecting confidential information.

Do not discuss confidential info in public places, such as airplanes, elevators, break rooms, cafeterias or restaurants. Discussing confidential information with colleagues. Only discuss confidential information with other employees on a need-to-know basis. If a colleague requests confidential information, don’t be afraid to ask why it’s required. Still unsure? Consult your manager.

3. Protecting the confidential and personal information of others.

Before accepting or using the confidential information of customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others, ensure a confidential disclosure agreement is in place. If one is not in place, contact the manager for help putting one in place. Individuals personal information should also be handled with care and in accordance with applicable law at all times. Treat the confidential or private information of others (such as PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES customers, partners or suppliers) with the same care that you treat PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES information. You can do this by instituting controls over record access, proper use and distribution.

4. Competitors and former employees.

Never use illegal or improper techniques to acquire confidential information from others. Don’t solicit confidential information from another company’s present or former employees unless it falls under an appropriate disclosure agreement.

5. Managing public and social interactions.

Avoid accidental disclosure in media. Never post any confidential information about PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES on the web. This includes social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and personal blogs. Do not talk to the media or analysts unless you are explicitly authorized to do so.

6. Sharing confidential information with business partners.

Do not discuss or disclose confidential information with customers, suppliers or business partners unless an appropriate confidentiality agreement is already in place and you are explicitly authorized to do so.

The Company and all Employees have ethical and legal responsibilities to maintain and protect the confidentiality of all confidential Information. Failure to adequately protect this information may have an adverse economic impact on the Company, and any misuse or disclosure of confidential Information may result in violation of applicable government laws of the country of operations.

C. Company Assets

1. Use only what you need

The company’s funds, assets, belongings and other resources of the company are to be utilized solely for the benefit of the company and only for legitimate business purpose. As a PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES employee, you will be equipped with the tools you need to carry out your responsibilities effectively. In turn, you have a responsibility to ensure that these tools are protected and never misused or wasted. Company equipment is intended for business and not for personal use, the exception being incidental use that’s reasonable and permitted by company policies.

2. Receipt of gifts, loans, favors or other gratuities and remuneration

Employees must not accept entertainment, gifts or favors that could influence, or would appear to influence, business decisions in favor of any person or organization with which the Company has or is likely to have business dealings. Unsolicited gifts and business courtesies, including meals and entertainment are permissible if they are customary and commonly accepted business courtesies, not excessive in value and given and accepted without an express or implied understanding that you are in any way obligated by your acceptance of the gift, or that the gift is a reward for any particular business decision already made or forthcoming.

3. Respect for human rights and mutual respect

The Company provides equal opportunity for employment on the basis of ability and aptitude and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition, disability or handicap, perceived disability or handicap, military service, veteran status, marital status or sexual . Company policy strictly prohibits any form of harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment. The Company will take prompt and appropriate action to prevent and where necessary, discipline

Behavior that violates this policy. The way we treat each other and our work environment affects the way we do our jobs. All Employees want and deserve a work place where they are respected and appreciated.

Everyone who works for the Company must contribute to the creation and maintenance of such an environment. Supervisors and Managers have a special responsibility to foster a workplace that supports honesty, integrity, respect and trust.

We respect the privacy and dignity of all individuals. Special care is taken to limit access to personal information to these persons with a need to know such information for a legitimate purpose. Employees who are responsible for maintaining personal information and those who are provided access to such information must not disclose private information in violation of applicable law or in violation of the Company’s policies.

4. Respect For health and safety at work

Employees and Business Partners are required to comply with safety and health at work policies. The Company is strictly adhering to safety policies and taking care of the health and safety of employees, visitors and sub-contractors on all of our Company sites.

It is the responsibility of all employees and Business Partners to report any health and safety violations to their supervisor or Health and Safety Manager.

5. Environmental protection

In accordance with environmental politics of the Company, its Employees and Business Partners are required to comply with the law, rules and principles relating to the protection of the environment. They are obliged to minimize the negative impact on the environment and eliminate environmentally harmful activities.

6. Fair dealing and competition laws

The Company depends on its reputation for quality, service and integrity. The way we deal with our customers, competitors and suppliers molds our reputation, builds long-term trust and ultimately determines our success. Employees should endeavor to deal fairly with the Company’s customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. Employees must never take unfair advantage of others through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice.

While the Company competes vigorously in all of its business activities, its efforts in the marketplace must be conducted in accordance with all applicable competition laws.

One of the primary goals of the competition laws is to promote and preserve each competitor’s independence when making decisions on price, output, and other competitively sensitive factors. Some of the most serious competition offenses are agreements between competitors that limit independent judgment and restrain trade, such as agreements to fix prices, restrict output or control the quality of products, or to divide a market for clients, territories, products or purchases. You should not agree with any competitor on any of these topics, as these agreements are virtually always unlawful (in other words, no excuse will absolve you or the Company of liability).

Any communication with a competitor’s representative may later be subject to legal scrutiny and form the basis for accusations of improper or illegal conduct. You should take care to avoid involving yourself in situations from which an unlawful agreement could be inferred.

The competition laws are extremely complex. Because competition lawsuits can be very costly, even when a company has not violated the competition laws and is cleared in the end, it is important to consult with the Legal Department before engaging in any conduct that even appears to create the basis for an allegation of wrongdoing.

7. Participation in public life

Private activity of Employees outside the Company (for example: charitable, political) and any other activities of Business Partners – shouldn’t be associated with the company.

D. Conflicts Of Interest

Relationships matter. PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES understands that you have a life outside of work, and the company values and respects your privacy. However, if your personal, social, charitable or political activities interfere with your loyalty and objectivity toward PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES, a conflict of interest may exist. Our policy requires that our business decisions be based solely on the best interests of PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES. Even when no actual conflict exists, the appearance or perception of a conflict of interest can have negative effects, including the loss of business. That’s why it’s important to consider how your actions may appear to those outside of PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES. Err on the side of caution and disclose any potential conflicts of interest to your manager before engaging in the activity.

E. Employment Principles

1. Respect and equal opportunity for all.

At PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES, our success as a company is built on the energy, enthusiasm, collaborative knowledge, experience and efforts of our employees. Each of us should make a point to value one another’s contributions and to treat one another with appreciation, dignity and respect—regardless of personal status, characteristics, position or relationship. As a company, we’re committed to a providing a workplace free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. As a PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES  employee, contractor or partner, do your part to help foster and maintain this environment—one where everyone can feel valued, included and respected.

2. Equal employment opportunity

All employment-related decisions should be based on job qualifications and merit and made without favoritism or discrimination by gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, pregnancy, religion, veteran status, national origin or any other legally protected status.

3. Discrimination and harassment

Never act in a way that harasses, degrades or discriminates against others, including unwelcome conduct—whether verbal, physical, visual or otherwise—based on gender, race, color, religion or any other legally protected status.

4. Inappropriate sexual advances

Never make unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, including verbal remarks or physical contact of a sexual nature. Never behave in a violent or threatening manner. Never spread rumors or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

5. We don’t allow bullying, threats or intimidation.

If you experience or are aware of any bullying, threatening or intimidating conduct of any kind, talk to your manager or HR. Personal relationships among employees. Dealings with colleagues should be free of the potential bias that close relationships often bring. Dating relationships between employees who have a reporting relationship need to be disclosed to HR. The same applies to family relationships among employees or prospective employees.

6. Using care when handling personal information.

Once there is no longer a legitimate business need for personal information, you should destroy it in accordance with any applicable records management guidelines and any applicable regulations.

7. Reporting discrimination or harassment

If you experience or are aware of discrimination or harassment of any kind, talk to your manager or HR. We take all reports of discrimination and harassment seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. If an investigation reveals a violation, corrective action will be taken. PLAST MOULD INDUSTRIES will not tolerate any retaliation for a report made in good faith.

8. Paying for work

We pay for all work performed. Record all of your time accurately. Take the meal and rest breaks to which you are legally entitled and tell us if you are prevented from taking any Disciplinary action and violations of the Code

You shall promptly disclose any acts or transactions known to you that may be in violation of the Code. Any employee reporting suspected misconduct will not be subject to disciplinary measures.

Please report (this can be done anonymously) the situation of non- compliance with the rules of conduct contained in the above Code, by sending a written description of the situation to the following mailing address:

Address: Khasra no-1116, Village Bhalswa, Jahangir Puri, Near K-block gas agency, New Delhi-110033 (INDIA)
or by email at or contact the manager directly.

All reported violations will be promptly investigated and treated confidentially to the extent that is reasonably possible.

The Company intends to use every reasonable effort to prevent the occurrence of conduct not in compliance with its Code and to halt any such conduct that may occur as soon as reasonably possible after its discovery.
Ultimate responsibility to ensure that we as a Company comply with the many laws, regulations and ethical standards affecting our business rests with each of us.

You must become familiar with and strictly comply with those laws, regulations and standards and the Company’ s policies and guide lines pertaining to them.