Door Silencers

Also Known as: Door Stopper, PVC Stopper, Rubber Stopper, Door Silencer, Plastic Door Silencer, PVC Door Silencer, Plastic Door Stopper


A door silencer is a rod shaped moulded, heavy duty plastic material. A door silencer is affixed to the frame of door, door silencer act as a shock and sound absorber. When a door is closed, the silencer absorbs the force generated from closing of door making it virtually silent.




The number of silencers that should be installed depends largely upon the size and components of the door.  A standard size door usually needs no more than three silencers spaced equidistant from one another: one in the side stop strip near the top of the door frame, one in the center and one near the bottom.  In pairs of doors, four silencers are usually recommended (two for each door) and are installed in the top stop strip.
Some applications for door silencers include


  • Drill Machine
  • Drill  Bits
  • Screws
  • Wall Plug
  • Screw Driver
  • Pencil