Glass Vaccum

Also known as: Glass Vacuum, Vacuum Gripper, Suction Cups, Glass Suction Cups, Glass Cups 


A needy tool for glass furniture makers for fixing glass on furniture, Vacuum Base Fixture bush holds the glass on furniture top. These Vacuum/Bushes are used to hang small things on windows and other plane surfaces. This is widely using in furniture industry to hold the glass plate without any fastening process like screwing,bolting. The fixing will be strong by creating a vacuum chamber between the surfaces to be held together.


  • Multipurpose: Good and fashionable style, multipurpose , appearance is beautiful.
  • Persistent: Be sustained on the smooth surface and wall adsorption
  • Fast installation
  • Adsorb-ability: Strong adsorption ability with the biggest 3-8 kg bearing than the ordinary suckers.
  • Safety: Suction cups uses the special shapes, without creating a focal point, so as not to cause a fire.


  • Brackets
  • Steel Table
  • Wooden Table
  • Glass Table
  • Trolleys
  • Wash Basin