Wall Plugs


Also know as: Plastic Anchors, Nylon Sleeve, PVC Gitti, Plastic Gitti, Plastic Fasteners, Plastic Gripper, Plastic Expand Plug,  Screw Gitti, Screw Plug.


Wall plugs are essential when hanging cabinets, mirrors and shelves – in fact anything you want to attach to your walls. A normal screw will not securely stay in plasterboard or masonry without a wall plug. They expand to securely grip the sides of the hole you have drilled, and will help to hold the screw in place without damaging your walls. Different types & sizes have different levels of strength and can be used on different types of surfaces.


  • Unique internal design provides positive grip for screws.
  • Anti-rotational lugs promote grip in wide range of substrates including soft masonry materials.
  • Rib detail at plug head provides added grip.
  • Expanding section designed to collapse in hollow materials and provide positive grip behind surfaces.
  • Unique 2 way expansion allowing application in any substrate material and type.
  • Solid head design provides strength whilst plug is installed.


  • Lighting
  • Wall cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Letterboxes
  • TV brackets
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Electrical fittings
  • Shelves


To make holes in masonry, you’ll need a power drill with hammer action, such as a combi or hammer drill, and masonry bits. Choose wall plugs, screws and a drill bit of the same size – although you might like to use a smaller drill bit first to produce a pilot hole.


Never drill into a wall without checking first for hidden pipes and cables using an multi detector. Don’t risk a flood – or worse, electrocution.


These are often called “lead anchors” or “plastic anchors”, and are used as follows:

  • Drill a hole the same size as the anchor body.
  • Push the anchor to its full depth in the hole.
  • Insert the screw through the item being fastened and screw it into the anchor tightly.